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FlightConsult - Information

FieldFormatMandatory FieldDescription
UseridentifierXUnique identifier for an user within Flightconsult
Email 1Hugo@Somewhere.netX
Tax Numberz.B. 72/132/16543
Tax ID Numberz.B. 12 345 678 990
VAT ID NumberDE 123456
Login pageIs page will be returned after successful login
Idle timeout123As a security feature, FlightConsult deletes Your Login information after the given time (Minumim 10), if there is no communication. In case You want to go on, just login again.
Usergroup not allowed to modify addressAdministrators of usergroups you belong to cannot modify Your addressdata.
Usergroup not allowed to modify qualificationsAdministrators of usergroups you belong to cannot modify qualifications, that are not related to their usergroup.
Default Officehour beginHH:MM
Default Officehour endHH:MM
WML Buffersize123The buffersize is a property of Your WAP-Device. Smaller value reduce the amount of data displayed on Your device. Larger values will result in errors, if the storagecapacity of Your WAP-Device is exceeded. The defaultvalue is 2500.
Do not use location-commandThe location-comand is faster to switch between pages, but not supported by some WAP-Devices.
Use absolute URLSome WAP-Devices cannot handle relative URLs. Absolute URLs may help.
Launch downloadLaunch download from server
Public usergroupThis usergroup is public
Inform member about canceled bookingsMembers are informed via email about canceled bookings
Informationperiod in days prior to begin of booking123The informationperiod is stored in days and is placed directly prior to the booking.If a booking is deleted in the informationperiod, all members get a notification via email.
Minimum ResttimeHHHH:MM
Minimum Resttime at homebaseHHHH:MM
Maximal Flightdutytime (without extentions)HHHH:MM