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   'Become a new user at FlightConsult'
There are only a few steps You have to do to become a user of FlightConsult.
  • You have to select Your own useridentifier. It will only be rejected, if it is already in use. In this case You should modify it slightly. A combination of surname and firstname is often reasonable like SMITH.JOE or SMITH_JOE.
  • You have to enter Your emailaddress, because FlightConsult will create an individual password and send it to You via email. You can change that password and all other data, after Your logged in.
  • After You received Your pasword, You are ready to login. The password is necessary to protect Your data.
  • Login now ?
  • After You have become an user, it is reasonable to become a member of an usergroup. There are 2 ways.
  • Many usergroups have assigned an administrator, who will put You on the memberlist, if You tell him Your useridentifier.
  • The other way is called ´Registration´. You find it on the left side of the window. You will need a registration-password of the usergroup.
  • Both, the name of the administrator or the registration-password have to be requested from the usergroup You want to join.
  • If You just want to checkout FlightConsult, You can register at the usergroup SUN with the registration-password WELCOME.
  • If You want to create a new usergroup, please contact Service .

Please click ´User administration´, to become a new user.

User administration